Learning Program

The RA-Aus Pilot Certificate program is broken into two fixed-price blocks. We recommend flying at-least weekly initially to remove the stress of needing remedial training.


  • Complete the training (both theoretical and practical) to the required standard

  • Be at least 15 years old (the training can start before this age)

  • Be physically fit enough to hold a motor vehicle licence

  • Be able to read, speak and understand the English language

First Solo Block

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Block 1 will take you from having no previous flying experience all the way through to your first solo. We take great care to introduce you to the theory of flight early-on so that you can take the most away from your lessons.

  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge lectures
  • Flying lessons 1 – 6
  • Radio and Air Law exams
  • Flying lessons 7 – 15
  • First solo
  1. Theory books
  2. Briefing notes
  3. Pilots log book
  4. Pre-flight briefings
  5. Pre-flight simulator sessions
  6. All flying from commencement to first solo

Pilot Certificate Block

Block 2 will take you from your first solo through to the Pilot Certificate flight test. It is during this phase that we consolidate your knowledge (and you sit the RA-Aus theory exam) and build upon your practical flying skills.

  • Flying lessons 15-20
  • Air Law exam
  • Flying lessons 21-25
  • Theory lectures
  • Meteorology lectures
  • Aeronautical knowledge trial exam
  • RA-Aus Theory Exam
  • Flight lessons 26-28
  • Emergencies briefing
  • Written and aural pre-license test
  • Flight lesson 34
  • Flight lesson 35 and flight test
  • Human factors exam

And that’s it – you’ve got your RA-Aus Pilot Certificate!

  1. All exams
  2. Electronic briefings
  3. Pre-flight briefings
  4. All flying lessons (15-35)
  5. Flight test
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