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The Private Pilot Licence is the most unrestricted General Aviation licence available in Australia and removes many of the restrictions to the RPL such as aircraft max take-off weight limits. In addition to navigation/cross-country training, you are also exposed to controlled airspace and controlled aerodromes.

We recommend students complete the Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) Pilot Certificate first and then convert this to CASA’s Flight Crew Licensing scheme in the form of a Recreational Pilots Licence.


  • Complete the training (both theoretical and practical) to the required standard. This includes passing the Private Pilot Licence theory examination set by CASA.

  • Be at least 17 when you sit the flight test

  • Hold at least a CASA Class 2 Medical Certificate that is current

  • Have accumulated at least 35 hours total time (of which 20 need to be in an aeroplane – your RA-Aus flight time counts). In addition to this, have a total of 10 hours as pilot in command of which at-least 5 hours is cross-country.

  • Speak, read and understand the English language

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